Assam crackdown on ‘marriage by deception’

GUWAHATI: The BJP-led government in Assam has decided to crack down on the “emerging trend of marriages by deception”, usually involving a prospective groom lying about his religion to marry a Hindu girl, finance & health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Wednesday.
“In Assam, many Muslim boys create fake Facebook accounts with Hindu names and post pictures of themselves at temples. A girl gets married to one such boy, only to discover later that he is not from the same religion. This is a not a bona fide marriage – it is based on false information and basically amounts to breach of trust,” Sarma said. Clarifying that the government wasn’t against marriage outside one’s religion as long as it was wilful and without deception, the minister said the idea was to protect “our daughters and sisters” from being tricked into an inter-faith relationship.

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