Big B warns against effects of cyclone Tauktae in Mumbai

Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan has warned against the effects of cyclone Tauktae in Mumbai.

“The effects of the #CycloneTauktae have begun .. rains in Mumbai .. please be safe and protected .. prayers as ever,” Bachchan tweeted early on Sunday.

He additionally spoke concerning the cyclone in a weblog publish written early on Sunday.

Taking to his weblog, Big B wrote: “Cyclone Tauktae in the Arabian Sea intensifies alongside the Western Coasts of India .. from the South shifting up .. the effects of its arrival have begun right here in Mumbai with rain as I write .. the preparations for the monsoon rain sheds had simply begun so the vulnerability of leaks , is there and the coping with rain leakages about is a priority .. we attempt to make some make shift preparations .. however they’re weak and never completely protecting.

“The severity of the monsoons as you all know is massive and all buildings and locations become most vulnerable during those 3-4 months of its presence. The JVPD Scheme is a low lying area and flooding is most imminent .. so.”

Informing about how the cyclone has been named, the veteran actor additional wrote: “The word ‘tauktae’ .. the naming of storms cyclones typhoons et all are taken up and suggested by the countries in the region and this name has been given by Myanmar, erstwhile Burma, which is the name of a vocal lizard.”

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