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Celebrate Dussehra With Mouthwatering Jalebis As Shown By Chef Saransh Goila

The phrase “jalebis” is sufficient to tantalise our tastebuds. These orange-coloured sweetmeats are our go-to choice to rejoice a contented second with household or pals. This crispy Indian dessert melts within the mouth the second we eat it. So, are you craving some jalebis already this festive season? If sure, then consult with chef Saransh Goila’s jalebi recipe on Instagram. In a unusual caption, he mentioned, “Chanelling my inner Ravana but my lust is only for these Jalebis.” Further within the caption, he additionally wished everybody a really “Happy Dussehra.” He wrote, “Be good. Be sincere. Be at dwelling. Eat one jalebi at a time” 

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The ingredients used by Saransh for making jalebis:

For syrup:

1) Sugar (1 cup)

2) Water (3/4th cup)

3) Menon Juice

4) Saffron (2 pinches)

5) 4 cardamoms

Instant Jalebi mix

1) Maida Corn flour (120 grams)

2) Cornflour (15 grams)

3) Haldi (1/8 tablespoon)

4) Sour curd (1/4th cup)

5) Water (3/4th cup) – You can add more if required

6) Baking soda (1/2 tablespoon)

Procedure to make jalebis:

1) Take water and sugar and boil them together until it reaches one string consistency.

2) Crush the saffron and cardamom together and add to the syrup prepared before. Boil it until it gets the gorgeous orange colour. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice.

3) Add all the remaining ingredients, including maida, cornflour, haldi (turmeric), sour curd and water, one by one and mix them well. Whip the batter well and make it airy. Add some drops of lime juice to make it sour. Put baking soda in the end but after that do not whisk the batter too much.

4) The batter is ready and you can now fry jalebis in ghee.  

5) Do not forget to put the fried jalebis into the syrup you prepared before finally savouring it. 

Take a look at the video here: 

Do check out chef Saransh’s mouth-watering jalebis this festivity and tell us if you happen to preferred it.

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