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Coronavirus: Can masks and ventilation stop COVID-19 spread better than social distancing? Here’s what study suggests – Times of India

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, authorities and medical professionals are urging the use of face masks and sanitizers in and around the globe. Social distancing has develop into a norm and is being practiced at massive. However, whereas weighing the effectiveness of one measure over the opposite, scientists have discovered that masks and correct ventilation can stop the spread of COVID-19 infections better than social distancing, particularly in indoor areas, the place airborne transmission of the lethal virus is facilitated.

Risks of airborne COVID-19 transmission

COVID-19 is a respiratory sickness that spreads by means of droplets in folks’s coughs and sneezes. It is brought on by the dissemination of aerosols that stay infectious when suspended in air over lengthy distances and time.

Therefore, being with an contaminated individual in a closed indoor area poses better dangers to your well being and will increase your possibilities of catching COVID-19 virus. While the individual might not be conscious of his situation, after they cough or sneeze, they’re more likely to contaminate the surfaces they contact, which when touched by others may cause the spread of COVID-19.

Airborne transmission can pose better COVID-19 dangers in indoor areas

The viral transmission of COVID-19 by means of airborne microdroplets has been in dialogue for a very long time now. In distinction to the respiratory droplets whereas sneezing or coughing, airborne transmission can pose better hurt to folks indoors. As the novel coronavirus has the tendency to stay within the environment for an extended interval of time, it makes enclosed areas all of the extra harmful and infectious than out of doors areas. However, consultants are but to find out the dangers posed by airborne transmissions.

Are masks and good ventilation simpler in containing COVID-19 spread?

Whether you are indoors or outside, precautionary measures stay the identical for each. From sustaining social distance to sporting masks and disinfecting surfaces, one should observe all these pointers for the protection of others and oneself. However, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), good ventilation and gadgets that maximize airflow may also forestall COVID-19 from spreading indoors.

According to study

As per a study revealed within the journal Physics of Fluids, researchers discovered that masks and an excellent ventilation system are extra essential and offers better outcomes than social distancing for holding the airborne spread of COVID-19 infections indoors. The scientist ready a pc mannequin of a classroom with college students and a trainer and then facilitated airflow and illness transmission, and calculated the dangers of airborne transmission.

In the mannequin, the place the classroom was 709 sq. toes with 9-foot-tall ceilings, college students have been masked and the trainer on the entrance of the category additionally wore a masks.

“The study finds that aerosol transmission routes do not display a need for six feet social distancing when masks are mandated,” stated Michael Kinzel, an assistant professor on the University of Central Florida within the US.

According to Kinzel, “The research is important as it provides guidance on how we are understanding safety in indoor environments.”

Similarly, the group of researchers evaluated a ventilated classroom and an unventilated one. The researchers discovered {that a} ventilation system with an excellent air filter minimized the danger of an infection by 40 to 50 p.c as in comparison with a classroom with no ventilation.


While the study suggests that masks and good ventilation will be simpler than social distancing in stopping the spread of COVID-19 infections, it will be significant that we apply social distancing too. Especially at a time when COVID-19 circumstances are at a surge, following all well being measures are essential to include the spread of the virus. Simultaneously, maintain sporting nicely-fitted masks and facilitate an excellent ventilation system at your properties.

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