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Coronavirus symptoms: COVID-19 second wave affecting younger age groups extra, new symptoms doctors warn people to check | The Times of India

Dry mouth is characterised to be an oral symptom related to COVID-19, and in addition frequent with so much of different viral infections.

A dry mouth can disrupt the manufacturing of saliva within the mouth and additional facilitate the unfold of pathogens, together with SARS-COV-2. While there is not any scientific proof as to how COVID-19 may gasoline this early symptom, doctors proper now imagine that dry mouth syndrome or Xerostomia occurs when the virus assaults muscle linings and oral tissues current contained in the mouth. It may additionally strike earlier than different symptoms, similar to fever or a cough.

Additionally, Xerostomia could make you’re feeling a way of dryness or stickiness within the mouth and additional, make the saliva a bit thicker. You may additionally expertise dangerous breath.

It may be accompanied by different oral symptoms similar to blisters, adjustments within the color and texture of the tongue, issue consuming. To know extra about these symptoms, learn the story right here.

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