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Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Shot: Do recovered COVID-19 patients also need a vaccine booster shot?

Even although there are various potential benefits of getting a COVID vaccine shot when you’ve got been beforehand contaminated, there are particular research that do spotlight that pure immunity could possibly be extra long-lasting and in reality, extra highly effective than vaccine-driven immunity.

One such current examine, achieved by Israeli researchers have came upon that a prior historical past of COVID-19 an infection mounts a increased, simpler immune response in opposition to the Delta variant, compared to two doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, which is an mRNA vaccine touted to have excessive efficacy.

The examine also made one other stunning statement. Vaccinated individuals, with no historical past of COVID-19, had a increased probability, as a lot as 6-13 instances to get contaminated with Delta variant than unvaccinated individuals who’d had COVID-19 earlier than, the researchers discovered.

The findings, inferred from the one-of-a-kind real-time examine make a case highlighting that a previous an infection, i.e. having had COVID-19 earlier than provides stronger odds of safety for the physique, than vaccination alone, might. This, in line with some specialists, occurs due to the best way the physique remembers the an infection and mounts a stronger response with a vaccine (or reinfection).

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