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Coronavirus: What is an oxygen concentrator? Here’s everything you need to know about it – Times of India

With a surge within the quantity of extreme COVID-19 sufferers within the nation, the demand for oxygen provides has solely elevated. While a big inhabitants of folks gasping for breath and queuing up outdoors hospital premises, there are additionally a major quantity of contaminated people, who’re getting themselves handled at dwelling, respiratory with the assistance of oxygen concentrators and different means of oxygen. But what is an oxygen concentrator and the way does it work? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is an oxygen concentrator and the way does it work?

COVID-19 is a respiratory sickness. It not solely infects the respiratory tract, however in extreme COVID sufferers, it additionally takes a heavy toll on their oxygen saturation ranges. With oxygen deprivation and rising lung infections in COVID sufferers, oxygen concentrators and cylinders are extremely helpful.

The air round us consists of about 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen, with different gases making up the remaining 1%. Oxygen concentrators are units that helps focus oxygen from the ambient air by eradicating nitrogen and delivering pure oxygen to people, whose blood oxygen ranges (SpO2) readings drop beneath 93%. Ideal oxygen ranges needs to be between 94-99%.

Different sorts of oxygen concentrators

Two sorts of oxygen concentrators particularly steady circulation and pulse dose can be found to us out there. While a steady circulation oxygen concentrator gives the identical circulation of oxygen in a minute till its been turned off, pulse dose identifies the affected person’s respiratory sample and offers out oxygen when it detects inhalation. Therefore, the oxygen disbursed by pulse models can’t be measured the identical as steady circulation oxygen concentrators, as they don’t produce fixed oxygen for one minute.

When can it be used and for whom?

Besides COVID-19 problems, oxygen remedy could also be used for numerous causes.

In phrases of COVID-19 sufferers, Dr Randeep Guleria, Chief, AIIMS New Delhi just lately warned folks of sure precautions whereas making use of an exterior oxygen. He stated, “For those individuals who are having an oxygen saturation of 92 or 94, there is no need to take high oxygen just to maintain your saturation. It is not going to be of any benefit. If your saturation is above 95, you don’t need to take oxygen. If it is less than 94, you need close monitoring but you still may not need oxygen because oxygen is still sufficient in blood if the patient is healthy.”

That stated, for folks, whose blood oxygen ranges drop beneath 93%, they’ll begin arranging oxygen concentrators for themselves and may begin remedy at dwelling. However, it is essential to notice that solely sufferers with delicate or average signs, who’ve an oxygen saturation stage between 90-94, ought to rely on an oxygen concentrator and may use it at dwelling. Anyone, whose SpO2 stage drops beneath 80-85, they might need greater circulation of oxygen or could have to resort to an oxygen stage.

How do oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders examine?

Oxygen concentrators are moveable and best options to large oxygen cylinders. However, they’ll solely present 5-10 litres of oxygen per minute, which will not be sufficient for extreme sufferers. Only folks down with delicate and average signs are suggested to use oxygen concentrators.

That stated, oxygen concentrators could be simply carried from one place to one other and don’t need refilling every time. It solely wants a supply of energy to attract ambient air.

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