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Coronavirus: What is the possibility of reinfection in COVID-19 sufferers? Here’s what ICMR study has found | The Times of India

As per the study, instances of reinfection can solely be confirmed with the assist of genome evaluation of the virus pattern. Given that the virus continues to mutate, scientists imagine that the genome sequences of the two samples would present some variations.

However, the study carried out by ICMR didn’t resort to genome sequencing on account of an absence of genome samples information. Dr Samiran Panda, head, epidemiology and communicable illnesses, ICMR, one of the authors of the study stated, “The reinfection instances had been earlier confirmed by solely genome sequencing for which we want particular infrastructure, which will not be out there in every single place. With the new definition, we will simply tab reinfection instances in India.”

The scientists concerned in the study as a substitute relied on evaluating these sufferers who had reported getting reinfected with the virus for the second time after an interval of greater than 102 days.

For a extra dependable discovering, the scientists took solely these instances of reinfection into consideration in which people had examined optimistic for COVID twice throughout the interval of 102 days, however had additionally examined adverse as soon as in between.

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