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Signs of a spike in India’s Covid-19 cases within the post-Diwali week have since dissipated in most states, with the nation posting its lowest weekly tally of infections in over 17 months.
India recorded lower than 72,000 cases of the coronavirus within the week (November 15-21), making it the bottom level within the pandemic since early June final yr. Cases fell by 11%, every week after the decline in infections was halted post-Diwali. In that week (Nov 8- 14), India posted 80,639 cases, almost the identical quantity as within the Diwali week (80,708), elevating fears that the festivities might have led to a spike.

Worst-hit states present drop in cases
However, the massive fall in numbers this week will go a way in allaying such fears. Although numbers have inched up in some states and UTs, the worst-hit states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu confirmed a drop in cases. Last week, infections had spiked a bit in Maharashtra and Karnataka.
India reported 2,257 deaths from the virus in the course of the week, down from 2,596 within the previous seven days. However, a considerable quantity of fatalities within the each weeks had been outdated deaths added to the toll in Kerala.
The states and UTs that registered an increase in Covid cases this week embrace J&Ok, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Meghalaya and Ladakh. But the numbers most of these states/UTs weren’t excessive sufficient to trigger a lot concern. J&Ok logged1,188 cases in the course of the week, a rise of 84 over the earlier week.

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