Doctors Perform Spinal Surgery Guided By AR Headset

A posterior lumbar interbody fusion involving the addition of bone graft to an space of the backbone was a reasonably lengthy and invasive process till now. However, Dr Kornelis Poelstra and his crew, in partnership with The Nevada Spine Clinic, have achieved a feat that will cut back the time it took for the surgical procedure to beneath two hours. Recently, the crew accomplished the primary posterior lumbar fusion process on a affected person utilizing a mix of Medtronic’s Mazor X robotic platform built-in with Augmedics’ newly FDA-approved xvision.

It includes including bone graft to the backbone to make sure a organic response, resulting in the expansion of the bone between two vertebral parts. The process, which in any other case took almost six to seven hours, was accomplished on this affected person slightly below two hours. The surgeons used the xvision headset in tandem with the Mazor X robotic to carry out the surgical procedure.

The purpose it took much less time was as a result of the xvision headset allowed the crew to extra exactly determine and pinpoint the spot to put the implants. In this specific case, a proprietary superalloy MoRe (Molybdenum-Rhenium) lower-profile 4.5mm rod, paired with the MiRusEuropa Pedicle Screw System, was positioned, in accordance with a report on the Med-tech news

Before endeavor the process, an orthopaedic and neurological backbone surgeon makes use of the robotic platform to pre-plan the precise placement of the implant and screw system and that is what makes the method environment friendly and reduces the time it in any other case took to carry out such a surgical procedure.

After this stage, Dr Poelstra’s xvision headset takes him to a world of augmented actuality, the place he follows his 3D anatomical blueprint created by way of the usage of the software program beforehand. 

The new process has a number of advantages comparable to being minimally invasive and exceedingly environment friendly. It additionally helps the crew place the implants with superior precision, thereby additionally decreasing time spent beneath anaesthesia within the working room. 

Dr Poelstra, who has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, is the entrance and centre of the design and improvement of spinal robotics that help in spinal fusions. He has carried out greater than 1,000 complicated robotic procedures.

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