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Explained: Why are people testing positive even after receiving Coronavirus vaccine? | The Times of India

Here are some of the various the reason why vaccinated people are testing positive for the virus.

– They are not following the precautionary measures corresponding to carrying masks in public, sanitizing fingers, sustaining social distancing and ignoring the opposite security protocols as suggested by the well being ministry

– Not following the after vaccination guidelines as instructed by the medical doctors

– Not getting the second dose on time or not getting the second dose in any respect

– Barrier in immunity

As per the specialists, vaccination doesn’t suggest the top of the virus. Vaccination solely guards your physique in opposition to the damaging results of the virus. The an infection can happen at any time, vaccination simply helps in avoiding the intense points that it would set off. People who’ve been vaccinated additionally must abide by all security measures to stop contracting the virus. These people can even transmit the virus to others.

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