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Ice Cream Sandesh: The Pioneer of Kolkata’s Fusion Sweets (Recipe Inside)

Experimentation with meals has all the time been a bit of a dialog starter, and that is what the Ice Cream Sandesh was in the course of the mid to late-Nineteen Nineties. Evenings, particularly Saturday or Sunday evenings, would typically be the time for buddies and kinfolk to go to. A field of sweets would nearly all the time be carried and offered to the host, generally to be consumed amongst the then-present firm saved for posterity. For mishti has all the time been thought-about to be fairly an acceptable present to provide the host, like a bottle of wine or a bouquet in different components of the world. 

The late Nineteen Eighties and all by way of the Nineteen Nineties noticed, amongst different issues, a pointy rise within the buy of digital items and devices. Televisions turned cheaper, washing machines and dishwashers had been not seen and sighed over in shiny magazines, and the fridge turned an enormous half of most city and suburban households, the myths round refrigeration and loss of diet lowering considerably due to aggressive advertising by corporations by way of totally different channels and these merchandise’ normal usefulness that elevated the effectivity of the family considerably. With the appearance of the fridge additionally got here sure gadgets that gained recognition by leaps and bounds. One of them was the ice cream, a frozen deal with that may be saved contained in the freezer and eaten as a deal with, and its recognition additionally elevated considerably when, in weddings or different formal events, together with sweets ice cream can be supplied as an alternative choice to mishti doi or kulfi.

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With the speedy recognition of ice cream as an alternative choice to mishti for dessert, the dessert scape of West Bengal was eternally modified with the introduction of the Ice Cream Sandesh, which aimed to emulate the flavours of ice cream whereas retaining the integrity of a candy. Kept chilly, this candy can be touted as the right mixture of a chilly, candy deal with that may each be candy and ice cream collectively. Though my then-child-self had vociferously protested towards this misnomer (I used to be a moderately opinionated baby), as a result of the feel can be wildly totally different from ice cream, it did increase a sure diploma of curiosity. 

“It is essentially bhapa (steamed) Sandesh, something we had already had in our culinary dictionary. What made it special was the fact that the sweet shop owners would recommend it to be eaten and served cool, if not cold. Also, it was perhaps the first mishti to be flavoured with vanilla and strawberry, and also, Dwarik would make a version of it which was sugar-free and flavoured with saccharine, and it was probably the only option for many diabetics who would be craving sugar. As much as I remember, there would be a two-in-one flavoured Ice Cream Sandesh which would mimic the two-in-one ice cream, right down to the artificial pink colour on top and white bottom,” meals blogger Debjani Chatterjee Alam famous. Several different candy retailers had additionally give you variations of the Ice Cream Sandesh, and one of the oldest contenders was Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy, which is a legendary candy store that specialises in Sandesh solely.

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“We definitely started making the ice cream Sandesh before 1996, though we don’t exactly remember when. We sell it by the gram rather than by piece, and we are often asked to customise it according to the customer’s taste. In winter, we make a version with Nolen gur and that’s fabulous. The texture is quite different from regular Sandesh, and that’s because of the pak, or the way it’s prepared,” noticed Pritid Nandy, one of the companions at Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy. “The texture is not as ‘tight’ as the Sandesh, but it has got a very creamy texture and flavour, which is why it is called ice cream Sandesh because it melts in your mouth.” 

The entrance of the Ice Cream Sandesh and its ilk into the Bengali mishti-scape did have an amazing deal of consequence. Sweetshop homeowners began experimenting with textures and flavours and tried so as to add attention-grabbing twists to their sweets. One such early entrant can be the Chocolate Sandesh, which Cadbury would decide up a pair of many years later to run a profitable marketing campaign involving Cadbury sweets and the candy retailers of Bengal, urging candy makers to experiment with Cadbury goodies. In time, thought processes equivalent to this could even be transmitted to creating fusion sweets that may be combining obtainable native components and add strategies that may be world. This paved the best way for the baked roshogollas, Nolen gur mousse or the mihi dana cheesecakes that at the moment are created typically in candy retailers and eating places alike. 

However, many candy retailers limit themselves from such experiments, partly as a result of of the delight they’ve of their merchandise and the unwillingness to introduce new strategies or strategies which will hamper the manufacturing line. “Most of our sweets remain unchanged from their original recipe,” stated Lahana Ghosh of Jugal’s Sweet Shop. The 98-year-old institution has remained true to most of its authentic candy recipes however has began venturing out into a number of fusion sweets, together with the Ice Cream Sandesh. “The version we make is a very simple one with saffron and rose flavouring, but many other places do different versions like vanilla and two-in-one. We like keeping ours as close to the essence of ‘mishti’ as we can since we feel that our strength is in our recipes that have stood the test of time and stuck to the Bengali roots with which we had started our first shop. Even this recipe is quite old, about 25 years or so at least. We don’t make it very sweet because we feel that a good Ice Cream Sandesh should be moderately sweet and you can also adjust the sweetness as per your taste. You can also skip the sugar and add your choice of sweetener and make this healthier, too.” The recipe supplied with this submit is Jugal’s model of the Ice Cream Sandesh which is flavoured with rose and saffron. The amount of sugar supplied here’s a suggestion and may be adjusted as per style or changed with synthetic sweetener too.

Bhapa Ice-cream Sandesh Recipe

Recipe by: Jugal’s Sweet Shop


Sandesh Ice Cream


  • 750 ml. recent cow’s milk
  • 1/3 cup Curd 
  • 2 teaspoon Green Cardamom powder 
  • 2 teaspoon Rosewater 
  • 75 gm. finely crushed sugar, or as per your style
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ghee for greasing 
  • For garnishing
  • 4-5 Chopped cashew nuts 
  • 1/2 teaspoon saffron strands 


  1. First, make chhena (cottage cheese). For this, take the milk in a heavy-bottomed vessel in medium warmth.
  2. Beat the curd. Keep it apart.
  3. When the milk begins effervescent slowly, add the curd and stir it in properly.
  4. Within couple of minutes you’ll be able to see milk begins curdling correctly after which change off the flame.
  5. When it curdles fully, pressure the whey utilizing a muslin fabric. Don’t squeeze the material an excessive amount of as a result of that can make onerous chhena and never mushy, which is what you have to. 
  6. Take the chhena in a mixing bowl and mash it very properly utilizing your hand.
  7. Add all different components with chhena and blend it very properly. Then, make a mushy dough utilizing your hand.
  8. Grease your metallic tin with ghee the place you’ll be able to steam the chhena.
  9. Pour the dough into it.  Ensure it’s in a flat layer. Cover with aluminium foil.
  10. Steam the dough for 25 minutes. Let it cool to room temperature after which preserve it to freeze for two hours.
  11. Demould it and lower it up into items. 
  12. Garnish with chopped nuts and saffron strands. 

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