Republicans take lead in Georgia Senate races

WASHINGTON: Republican incumbent David Perdue has taken the lead in the Georgia Senate race that will decide whether Republicans retain control of the upper chamber with more than 61 per cent of counties/precincts reporting, official results show.
The results showed Perdue leading Democratic candidate Jon Oss off 50.48 – 49.52 per cent with 61.01 per cent of precincts reporting.
The Georgia special Senate race showed Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler leading Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock 50.11 – 49.89 per cent with 61.01 per cent of precincts reporting.
If at least one Republican candidate wins re-election, it will be enough for Republicans to retain the majority in the Senate that will allow them to block much of the Democrats’ agenda in a split government situation.
If both Democratic candidates secure two seats in the Senate, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be in a position to cast the tie-breaking vote when necessary.

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