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Solar Eclipse 2021: All the necessary precautions pregnant women must take during Surya Grahan – Times of India

All eyes shall be on the sky on June 10 2021, to witness the first photo voltaic eclipse of the yr. The annular photo voltaic eclipse, which is able to take place on Thursday shall be referred to as a hoop of hearth as the Moon will cowl solely the Sun’s Center, leaving its outer edges seen, forming a circle of hearth. Normally, when the new Moon is available in between the Sun and the Earth, it causes a complete photo voltaic eclipse. But it will not occur this time as the Moon is sort of distant from the Earth.

The Solar Eclipse 2021 shall be seen in elements of Greenland, Canada and Russia. In India, the photo voltaic eclipse shall be seen solely in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

All celestial occasions have astrological beliefs related to them. Similarly, there are a number of beliefs and rituals related to a photo voltaic eclipse too. One such perception is said to ‘pregnant women’. According to astrological students, a photo voltaic eclipse can have an effect on pregnancy, as, during this time evil forces get activated and may hurt pregnant women and their unborn youngster.

How can photo voltaic eclipse have an effect on pregnant women?

According to numerous Hindu mythology, the eclipse is inauspicious for pregnant girls and therefore it’s suggested for them to be additional cautious during the interval. Here now we have an inventory of dos and don’ts pregnant women ought to observe during the Solar Eclipse:


Solar eclipse radiates detrimental energies, so the pregnant girls are suggested to chant mantra to guard their unborn child. It can also be suggested for pregnant girls to totally cowl the home windows with thick curtains to keep away from the solar rays getting into the home.


Pregnant women must not step out of their homes. Doing so can result in untimely supply or beginning abnormalities. They also needs to keep away from the solar.

Pregnant girls must keep away from the use of sharp objects like knives and scissors as it will possibly trigger beginning defects and different problems in being pregnant.

Many individuals additionally imagine that pregnant women shouldn’t sleep during this time or eat or drink something for the security of the unborn youngster.

The backside line
There are deep-rooted myths which were adopted in the Hindu faith for 1000’s of years. However, you will need to do not forget that an eclipse is a pure phenomenon and it doesn’t have any influence in your being pregnant. So, whether or not to imagine in such outdated-age observe or not is totally a person’s alternative. If you expect, don’t stay in a fasted state for a really very long time. Eat and drink properly earlier than and after the eclipse.

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