This phase of life feels positive and thrilling: Vicky Kaushal – Times of India

Make no mistake. While speculations concerning the actor’s upcoming marriage ceremony with Katrina Kaif have been rife, he isn’t referring to that right here. The actor has neither confirmed nor denied the information. In an unique dialog with Bombay Times round his movie Sardar Udham, Vicky did talk about battling the robust pandemic phase and overcoming isolation.

Brimming with hope and pleasure, he mentioned, “This phase of life feels positive and exciting. Slowly and steadily, we have returned to a time where theatres have opened up. People are getting back to normalcy. We are stepping out. Maintaining safety and precaution is a must but it’s a big relief. We have been waiting for this time for a while. We are leaving Covid behind one step at a time.”

When requested if the pandemic took a toll on his psychological well being, the actor agreed. He defined, “Definitely! I was affected initially. I don’t think we have ever experienced a time where we have been cooped up in our houses for months at a stretch. In my case, I live in a big society, and it was a containment zone once the count of covid patients went up to 7-8. For months I had not even seen the face of the lift or even people on my floor. It started off with us feeling it’s a way of taking a break from routine but then everyone got impatient as the cases rose and the situation got serious. All of us knew of someone who was going through a crisis due to the pandemic. It was a phase where we were trying to get a grip on our emotions.”

While he’s one of probably the most promising actors of at present, his journey to stardom was peppered with its personal challenges. Speaking of conserving his battle non-public, he added, “I don’t delve into people knowing my struggles as it’s my personal journey of growth. Along the way, I realised I do have self-doubt. I won’t say insecurity but there’s always this fear that I could fail or blow it. The pressure is more when accomplished directors trust you with their story.”


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