US election roundup: Minnesota, Wisconsin in play; Biden in Iowa & more

The election rallies of Donald Trump are “super-spreader events”, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has alleged and questioned the US president’s efforts in addressing the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The raging coronavirus outbreak has become a key issue in the November 3 presidential election between 74-year-old Trump, a Republican, and 77-year-old Biden, a former US vice president. The US has so far recorded 8,945,891 Covid-19 cases and 228,668 deaths- both the numbers highest in the world.

“Donald Trump just had a super-spreader event here again. They are spreading more than just coronavirus; he is spreading division and discord,” Biden, 77, said at a drive-in election rally in Tampa, hours after the president and First Lady Melania Trump addressed a huge crowd in the city in Florida, a battleground state.

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