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UNITED NATIONS: United States mentioned Thursday that Iran has given no trace that it wants to return to stalled talks over reviving the Iranian nuclear deal.
“For now, certainly there’s no indication, positive indication that Iran is prepared to come back… and to try to close down the remaining issues,” a senior US official mentioned.
Western nations try to construct momentum on the UN General Assembly in New York this week to kickstart the accord.
Then-president Donald Trump pulled America out of the deal in 2018, reinstating sanctions on Iran that Washington had lifted as half of the settlement.
Since then, Tehran has additionally retreated from many of its commitments.
Trump’s successor Joe Biden has indicated he wants to return to the deal, however his administration has expressed impatience on the stalled talks.
“We don’t have direct interaction with the Iranians so it’s hard for us to assess levels of optimism and pessimism,” mentioned the official in a briefing to journalists.
He mentioned “nothing has happened” to make the United States optimistic.
“We’ve not heard anything through indirectly about a date, or about Iran’s intentions to continue the work that was begun in Vienna and try to close those gaps.
“The window alternative is open and will not be open perpetually,” he added.
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the agreement the United States, China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain reached with Iran on Tehran’s nuclear program in 2015.
France foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters earlier this week on the sidelines of the annual UN General Assembly high-level meeting that a resumption of talks had not occurred because of Iran, which elected a new president in June.

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