US sees 500k+ cases of record 2m global infections in a week

NEW YORK: The US reported a record of more than 5,00,000 new Covid cases over the past week. The record was broken on Tuesday, even as the Trump administration announced what it called its first-term scientific accomplishments, in a press release that included “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC” written in bold, capital letters.
It took nearly three months for the first 5,00,000 cases to be tallied in the US — the first was confirmed on January 21, and the country did not reach the half-million mark until April 11.
The US record came even as the WHO said countries globally reported over 2 million confirmed cases last week — the shortest time ever for such an exponential increase since the pandemic began. The WHO said for the second consecutive week, the European region accounted for the biggest proportion of new cases, with over 1.3 million reported cases or about 46% of the worldwide total.

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