US top climate envoy John Kerry ticks India’s Hydrogen Mission plan, pitches for net zero emission goal

NEW DELHI: India’s plan to launch national Hydrogen mission, announced in the Budget, caught global attention when the US special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, on Thursday underlined the country’s efforts towards clean energy transmission and said the mission would make it one of the leaders in the Hydrogen-based economy.
Addressing the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS), being organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) on virtual platform, Kerry also pitched for a need for net zero emission commitment from several countries to reach environmental goals even as India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar, on the occasion, flagged how his country was committed to meet both its developmental requirements and climate action.
“India today is the third largest emitter in the world behind the US and China. However, India’s down-payment on the clean energy transmission has made the country the global market leader in the sector, thanks to which building solar energy in India is cheaper than anywhere else in the world,” said Kerry who as then secretary of state under Barack Obama administration had played a key role in adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015.
He said, “India has committed to a new Hydrogen mission which makes it one of the incumbent leaders to lead a Hydrogen-based economy. Net zero emission commitment from several countries is a critical move giving us an opportunity to stimulate economic as well as environmental goals. Failure is not an option.”
Though the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her Budget speech on February 1 did not share details on the proposed National Hydrogen Mission, it is expected that the Mission would be planned in such a way that the Hydrogen can be used as a key source of clean energy in transport and industry sectors. Being a zero-carbon fuel, it can be produced from various sources including natural gas and biomass.
Articulating India’s track record, Jaishankar while speaking at WSDS said, “Climate change is a great challenge and India has managed through it quite efficiently. India understands the need for global awareness for behavioural change, including judicious use of resources. Among G20 nations, India has managed the fastest growing energy expansion in the world.”
As countries prepare to negotiate the acceleration of climate action at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, UK later this year, Kerry said, “We have to come to Glasgow with no excuses. We don’t have time to point fingers. We have to break barriers between us. This is our last best chance to get to net zero.”

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