US troops to exit Afghanistan by September 11, 20 years after 9/11 – (*20*) of India

WASHINGTON: US troops will pack up absolutely from Afghanistan by September 11, 20 years after the world’s largest terrorist assault on 9/11. President Biden will make the announcement on Wednesday, bringing an finish to the longest battle the U.S was drawn into, surpassing the 19 years it was slowed down in Vietnam.
The new timeline, which can transcend the May 1 exit deadline that the Trump administration negotiated final yr with the Taliban, will nonetheless depart the violence-wracked nation open to depredations from Pakistan, which has lengthy used it for “strategic depth” in its never-ending confrontation with India.
The withdrawal is successfully a triumph for the Pakistani army, which has lengthy nurtured Taliban and allied proxies and terrorists in its irregular warfare aimed on the west and India.
There are an estimated 2500-3500 common US troops in Afghanistan, with an unknown quantity of particular forces and covert operatives. There are additionally 1000’s of allied Nato troops, and Washington’s European allies are anticipated to take the cue and likewise pack up.
US officers say the nation now faces better threats from different areas and demand that the exit doesn’t imply Washington will abandon Afghanistan.
“Afghanistan just does not rise to the level of those other threats at this point. That does not mean we’re turning away from Afghanistan. We are going to remain committed to the government, remain committed diplomatically. But in terms of where we will be investing force posture, our blood and treasure, we believe that other priorities merit that investment,” an unnamed official instructed the Washington Post, which first broke the story.

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