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Weight loss story: “I started having eggs for dinner everyday for weight loss” | The Times of India

My breakfast: Oats with banana (modifications every day in keeping with weight loss program)

My lunch: Usually easy do-it-yourself meals, daal+chawal+roti+salad mixture.

My dinner: Eggs for protein. I be sure I make it in numerous varieties and add nutrient veggies whichever technique to make it extra wholesome.

Pre-workout meal: Apple + peanut butter

Post- exercise meal: 4 boiled eggs

I bask in (What you eat in your cheat days): When I get an opportunity, I all the time relish on sweets of any sort…utterly yum!!

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I’ve discovered lots of attention-grabbing more healthy recipes on the web with out compromising on the style.

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